About Us

Our Company

Fairweather League was established in 2016 as a full-service design studio that creates comprehensive identities for sports organizations, and it has grown to also include a thriving retail lifestyle brand.

This hybrid approach allows Fairweather League to accommodate our clients' needs across amateur, collegiate, and professional sport organizations, while also unilaterally exploring different designs with our retail offerings.

The result is a portfolio informed by a deep understanding of sports design, history, customs, and trends -- and a design studio that understands how to create identities that generate enthusiasm and sales.


Our People

Principals Jay Hutton and Drew Samuelson are close friends and former college hockey teammates who have known each other since 1999.

Jay's multiple graphic design degrees and nearly 20 years of professional experiences in design, advertising, and enterprise sport media created Fairweather League and power its creative forces in both design and retail.

Drew's advertising undergraduate degree and sport management graduate studies -- combined with rich professional experience across NCAA, MiLB, and MLB -- fuel the retail operations of Fairweather League. 

Together their blended expertise creates authentic team identities that resonate with athletes and spectators alike.


Our Contact Information

Email design@fairweatherleague.com to learn more about commissioning Fairweather League design services for your team, league, tournament, or business. 

Or email sales@fairweatherleague.com to enquire about our retail functions, including your order, delivery, refund, or exchange. 

And thank you for supporting small business, generally, and Fairweather League, specifically.